Digital Scrapbook May 2022 Blog Train

My contribution this month is called, “Borders, Backgrounds & Blooms.” It includes 12 papers and 3 large floral corner elements. There is tons of texture and lots of fun prints and distressed scuffing going on in this kit, if that is your cup of tea. Everything is professional print quality and was created and saved at 300 DPI. A rigorous quality check has been performed on each item before bundling it all up to share because I am just an obsessive-compulsive worry wort about such things I want you to be happy with the quality of my work and have nothing but fun when you get to scrapping! ENJOY, my friends!

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“Ode to the Irish” Kit

St. Patrick’s Day is gonna be here before you know it, so I thought it was time to share this kit that might help you scrap your “Wearing of the Green” adventures this year. This was made in response to the Digital March 2022 Color Qi Designer Challenge and I had the best time playing around with the color “Irish Green.” (So much fun that I couldn’t stop playing even after the preview image was done, so there are some “surprise” plaid papers included in the zip.)

“Ode to the Irish” Freebie Kit



I hope you enjoy your new digital scrapbook goodies and have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Erin Go Bragh and don’t drink too much green beer.

March 2022 Digital Blog Train

I am so ready for Spring and gardening so I took this blog train as a chance to play in the dirt . . . digital dirt, but it was still a bunch of fun and I hope you enjoy my contribution this month. I couldn’t stop making things so there are a few late edition items not shown in my previews. I hope they will be nice surprises when you unpack your zips. I mean, who doesn’t love a surprise?

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Digital Scrapbook February 2022 Blog Train

I had so much fun working with the fun colors for this month’s blog train and once I decided on making this about pets and adding neon accents, the rest was easy. I hope you have some pictures of your special dog or cat that you might use this kit with or a page that needs a neon heart or two to make it complete.

Find the rest of the wonderful contributions to this blog train here. So many fantastic freebies!

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“Winter Wonderland” Build-a-Brad Kit

I had so much fun making “Winter Wonderland” goodies, that I have a little add-on for you today. It’s a “Build-a-Brad Kit.” It includes 3 overlay options (Thanks for the flair styles, Sheila Reed.) + 25 sparkly decorations (Thanks for the glitter, Marisa Lerin.) + 25 brad base options + 25 ring trims.  Lotsa possible combinations for you to play around with!  (PS: I also included the red shimmery background paper that I used in my preview.)  Enjoy, my friends!

Winter Wonderland Build-a-Brad Small Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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 Now go make some wintery braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads!      Snowboarding Cutie

Backyard Buddies Mini Kit

The Designer Challenges at Pixel Scrapper are so much fun. For this one, Marisa asked us to create add-on mini kits for her pet bundle. She did puppies and kitties to get us started, and we could call dibs on any other pets we could think of for our mini kits.  Here are Marisa’s kits . . . adorable!

Puppy Preview       Paper Preview       Kitty Preview

Check out the other mini-kits created for this challenge here.

I chose to do the creepy-crawly backyard variety of pets that my son loved best of all.  If it was cold-blooded, scaly, slick, or slimy–he would name it and bring it in the house!  I put as many of them as I could come up with in this mini-kit, and I tried my best to make ’em cute.

Backyard Buddies Mini Kit Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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“Favorite Things” Mini Kit . . . family, kisses, quilts and more!

 We had another mini kit challenge at Pixel Scrapper.  No theme, just a list of the things to make for the kit–which is a ton of fun, IF you have the spark of an idea for what direction you might like to go with things.  Which I didn’t.  *sigh* I hemmed.  I hawed.  There might have even been some gnashing of my teeth.  Then I finally thought to visit Brandi Girl Blog and go shopping for some color inspiration.  Problem solved! It seems I never fail to find a palette (or ten) that inspires me to open up Photoshop and start throwing pixels around.

Here is the palette I fell in love with this time . . .

Favorite Things Palette

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BOO-tiful Dreamer Mini Kit

Once again we are designing mini kits over at Pixel Scrapper.  This time I went with a Halloween theme.  I made up my own palette of BOO-tiful colors and I also drew my own stars and moon shapes. The patterned papers are all done from templates I created, as well.  Slowly but surely, I am getting this designing business figured out, I think. (Mmmmmm–maybe not–but I am having a bunch of fun anyway! LOL!)

BOO-tiful Palette

BOO-tiful Dreamer Mini Kit Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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