“Favorite Things” Mini Kit . . . family, kisses, quilts and more!

 We had another mini kit challenge at Pixel Scrapper.  No theme, just a list of the things to make for the kit–which is a ton of fun, IF you have the spark of an idea for what direction you might like to go with things.  Which I didn’t.  *sigh* I hemmed.  I hawed.  There might have even been some gnashing of my teeth.  Then I finally thought to visit Brandi Girl Blog and go shopping for some color inspiration.  Problem solved! It seems I never fail to find a palette (or ten) that inspires me to open up Photoshop and start throwing pixels around.

Here is the palette I fell in love with this time . . .

Favorite Things Palette

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BOO-tiful Dreamer Mini Kit

Once again we are designing mini kits over at Pixel Scrapper.  This time I went with a Halloween theme.  I made up my own palette of BOO-tiful colors and I also drew my own stars and moon shapes. The patterned papers are all done from templates I created, as well.  Slowly but surely, I am getting this designing business figured out, I think. (Mmmmmm–maybe not–but I am having a bunch of fun anyway! LOL!)

BOO-tiful Palette

BOO-tiful Dreamer Mini Kit Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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