“Made by Holly Wood” is now “Made by Annette Marie”

I took a few years off from designing and now that I am back, I am just not feeling the “Holly Wood” pseudonym anymore, so I am gonna go with my real name this time around. Feels good . . . like finally buying a size bigger pants after you’ve gained the Christmas 15 . . . aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So pardon my mess while I try to sort my new . . . um . . . . old . . . um . . . original identity out and make everything matchy-matchy again. It might take me a while though. I’d much rather design more scrapbooking goodies than futz around with this blog design. Just being honest. So in case you were wondering, that is the scoop such as it is. All the links for the older “Made by Holly Wood” designs should still be functional if you are new around here and need to catch up on past freebies. (If you run into one that isn’t, let me know, please.) And they are all direct links so you don’t have to deal with captchas and trying to find the right download button in a sea of confusing ads. You’re welcome! I do love a nice, straight-forward, direct download link myself so there ya go.