March 2022 Digital Blog Train

I am so ready for Spring and gardening so I took this blog train as a chance to play in the dirt . . . digital dirt, but it was still a bunch of fun and I hope you enjoy my contribution this month. I couldn’t stop making things so there are a few late edition items not shown in my previews. I hope they will be nice surprises when you unpack your zips. I mean, who doesn’t love a surprise?



Happy Spring just a little bit early and I hope you enjoy your goodies!

10 thoughts on “March 2022 Digital Blog Train

  1. Wow, so pretty! Love the gardening theme. Thank you, and welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more of your designs. 🙂

  2. These are great, thank you so much! Congrats on your “new” designer name and website, etc. That always feels good to do something you’ve been considering for a while.

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