Backyard Buddies Mini Kit

The Designer Challenges at Pixel Scrapper are so much fun. For this one, Marisa asked us to create add-on mini kits for her pet bundle. She did puppies and kitties to get us started, and we could call dibs on any other pets we could think of for our mini kits.  Here are Marisa’s kits . . . adorable!

Puppy Preview       Paper Preview       Kitty Preview

Check out the other mini-kits created for this challenge here.

I chose to do the creepy-crawly backyard variety of pets that my son loved best of all.  If it was cold-blooded, scaly, slick, or slimy–he would name it and bring it in the house!  I put as many of them as I could come up with in this mini-kit, and I tried my best to make ’em cute.

Backyard Buddies Mini Kit Preview

Click for bigger preview image.


I had so much fun putting “Backyard Buddies” together. 

I hope you enjoy it and make lots of fun pages to commemorate all of your creepy-crawly pets.

31 thoughts on “Backyard Buddies Mini Kit

  1. Your critters have such wonderful personalities. I enjoy running into these guys when I garden. We have a sweet (non-venomous) snake that eats slugs. She warms herself on the sidewalk outside our back door. The expression on your snake reminds me of her. Thanks so much.

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