Backyard Buddies Mini Kit

The Designer Challenges at Pixel Scrapper are so much fun. For this one, Marisa asked us to create add-on mini kits for her pet bundle. She did puppies and kitties to get us started, and we could call dibs on any other pets we could think of for our mini kits.  Here are Marisa’s kits . . . adorable!

Puppy Preview       Paper Preview       Kitty Preview

Check out the other mini-kits created for this challenge here.

I chose to do the creepy-crawly backyard variety of pets that my son loved best of all.  If it was cold-blooded, scaly, slick, or slimy–he would name it and bring it in the house!  I put as many of them as I could come up with in this mini-kit, and I tried my best to make ’em cute.

Backyard Buddies Mini Kit Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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“Favorite Things” Mini Kit . . . family, kisses, quilts and more!

 We had another mini kit challenge at Pixel Scrapper.  No theme, just a list of the things to make for the kit–which is a ton of fun, IF you have the spark of an idea for what direction you might like to go with things.  Which I didn’t.  *sigh* I hemmed.  I hawed.  There might have even been some gnashing of my teeth.  Then I finally thought to visit Brandi Girl Blog and go shopping for some color inspiration.  Problem solved! It seems I never fail to find a palette (or ten) that inspires me to open up Photoshop and start throwing pixels around.

Here is the palette I fell in love with this time . . .

Favorite Things Palette

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BOO-tiful Dreamer Mini Kit

Once again we are designing mini kits over at Pixel Scrapper.  This time I went with a Halloween theme.  I made up my own palette of BOO-tiful colors and I also drew my own stars and moon shapes. The patterned papers are all done from templates I created, as well.  Slowly but surely, I am getting this designing business figured out, I think. (Mmmmmm–maybe not–but I am having a bunch of fun anyway! LOL!)

BOO-tiful Palette

BOO-tiful Dreamer Mini Kit Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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Pixel Scrapper October Blog Train – Thankful

Here is my part of the Pixel Scrapper October Blog Train.  The theme this month is “Thankful” and we were given a palette of beautiful rich colors and they were so much fun to play around with that I had to force myself to stop creating more and more goodies to tuck in my kit. Links to all the rest of the awesome blog train offerings are available here. I hope you find much to enjoy!

October Blog Train Preview

Click for bigger preview image.

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Fall Funk . . .

My husband and I spent the last couple week-ends moving our kids into an apartment about an hour away from home, so they could start college classes.  My daughter is a junior, but this is her first time living off campus.  My son (My baby! How did this happen?) is a freshman and this is his first time away from home.  It’s fun and exciting and scary all wrapped into one.  And I guess it’s official . . . I am an empty-nester.  (Well, except for the four cats and four dogs that still live with me and thank goodness they still need me for a few things.  *sniffle*)

I haven’t decided how I officially feel about it quite yet.  I am vacillating between being slightly giddy to have my entire house and all my time back, to feeling like a huge part of my life–and a very good part . . . maybe the best part of my life ever–is over.  I know they will be home some week-ends, and we will have holidays and I probably will even get one or both of them back home for the next few summers, but a part of me wants to collapse on the floor, kick its feet and wail “Tooooooo soooooooon.  I demand a do over” and cry for a solid week.

So welcome to my Fall Funk. In order to try to alleviate some of the “woe is me” that threatens to consume me, if I am not careful, I am sharing a fall-themed freebie I’ve been working on for awhile now.  (Making scrap stuff is so much better than fretting and obsessing about eminent life changes.  A little “Pixel Therapy” if you will.)  It all started with a visit to Brandi Girl Blog.  If you haven’t been, and you like color palettes . . . prepare to spend a few hours (or days) and prepare to swoon with happiness over and over.  So many inspiring, gorgeous palettes.  Oh, you might also plan to have a sore “right click-save” finger before you are done, too.  I sure did.

Here is the palette I fell in love with . . .

Autumn Afternoon Palette from BrandiGirlBlog

Thank you, Brandi. I am calling it “Autumn Afternoon” for my kit.

(Although in retrospect, “Fall Funk” would have perhaps been more appropriate.  *sigh*)

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